Tuesday, 22 June 2010

June22.2010 * 0652pm

After thirty-six entries in the Live Journal community, I decided to move my ass to this site. I have no particular reason; I just wanna change something in my life, like wala pang nagbago sa buhay ko recently nuh. Actually many things have changed. And I was overwhelmed to point of bleeding everything out. Geez. I don’t want this new site of mine to sound very emo like the previous one. I promise I’ll try. Hahaha. That’s hard. Really. Especially if most of my realizations, rants, whines, etc. Are based on melancholic thoughts and feelings. Whatever. I don’t feel like I'm making sense here. Whew. So much for my first official entry. Tsktsk.


So. Nothing happened much today. Aside from all the flashbacks that took over my mind, the rest of my day was spent sitting in front of the computer at home and in the IC.

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