Thursday, 8 July 2010

About Me and the Dead Kitty

Despite the fact that I have three existing blogs, I am still not used to writing about myself. About Myself = About Me, okay? I dunno how to introduce myself to other people. It’s kind of hard for me to share my likes, dislikes, interests, etc. Well, I don’t think it’s hard. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t even tried. And that I am not that interested..? I’m thinking, why do I still need to fill up that about me corner when everything that is written here is already about me? Anyway, I might as well just try it someday.

If ever you’re reading this and notice that the About Me section of this page, is not as empty as it was, then I have succeeded. You might want to check my other pages as well and try to see if I’ve managed to fill them up too. If it’s still empty or only has a line or two, then I am still struggling. Hehe. And thanks for reading this, btw. ♥


No one is as lucky as us. –Paramore (Where the Lines Overlap)

Even though I disregard the fact that I am living a good life and often complain about how stupid, screwed up, and fucked up my life is, I know deep inside my heart how lucky I am compared to most of the inhabitants here in our country. It’s not like I am the luckiest person alive, but I am still one of the lucky ones. And I often take that for granted. Which sucks.


Earlier, while I was walking towards the office, in which I play the role of a student assistant, I saw a dead cat on the street. Based on logic, it was run over by some vehicle that’s why its intestines and other fcuken organs were all over the place. It was so disgusting and heart wrenching that I suddenly hated the world at that moment. I though about looking for a dust pan or something to remove the dead kitty on the middle of the street but there was no way I would be able to find one unless I go back home. I hated everything about people and thought about my cat. What if that was my cat lying there? Maybe I’ll sit beside it and cry for it until somebody yells at me to get out of the way. It was ultimately stupid how some stupid individual could hit such a sweet little animal. I mean, it’s just a kitten for christsake. And don’t tell me that person didn’t saw it crossing the street. Was s/he blind? Well, s/he should just lose his/her eyes. Gademit. It ruined my day. Really.

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