Saturday, 3 July 2010

Easier Analization


The nation is once again open for new hopes and dreams that its citizens could ever think of. Wait… New? Were the old dreams and hopes fulfilled? Or are we once again dreaming and hoping for what we always yearn for since God knows when?

Oh. Well, Politics is not really my forte and I should never talk of Politics ever again. At least not now. Maybe sometime in the future. When I am already a politician. Kidding! But who knows, right? Hehe. It’s not that I don’t care about the present political situation of the Philippines. It’s just that I don’t know much about it and I am not really that interested yet. Maybe someday… Yeah, someday. Just someday.

So the reason why I made some “small talk” about our nation once and for all is that it rhymes with “analization,” a word which does not exist in my (and probably yours too) vocabulary until today at lunchtime. See, there’s no such word. The correct term that I was meaning to say was “analysis.” Right. Analysis. Underline that.

Around 12:15pm today (July 02), I was about to have lunch with Gretchen and Gely in the canteen in the Vinzons Hall in UPD. Gely was busy burrying her nose in front of a laptop while Gretch and I were waiting for her to finish so that we can already satisfy our churning stomachs. She was asking for some help with some sentence construction in which I blurted out, “…to make the analization easier…” And then I realized I was in an “oh, no” moment. Wait. Stop there. Does such a word even exists? Analization? Ah-nuh-lee-zey-shun? Whoah. I don’t think so. Silly us. It should be analysis. Dang. And we call ourselves UP students? Haha!

End of story. Well, I kind of find it funny that even if we regard ourselves to be fluent in English (yes, I sort of regard myself that way), to be wide-ranged readers that has a rich vocabulary, we could always commit mistakes when it comes to word structures or something. We could never say that we’re good at something unless we come face to face with some errors along the process and then correct it. We won’t be able to say we are masters of something unless we’ve also experienced the hardships that go with it.

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