Monday, 19 July 2010

HD To The End of The W

I am currently listening to two of my most favourite songs of all time, namely The End of the World by Skeeter Davis and Hopelessly Devoted to You by Olivia Newton John. As in, these two songs are playing on repeat and I kind of don’t wanna hear anything else at the moment.

I am not actually in love or heartbroken or anything. I just love the songs. Really. And I really like listening to them like I am the one singing. Hence, I sing along. At the top my lungs. Yeaaah. The songs are, and the way these two artists sing is, so heartfelt that I am being swept away into some place where I can feel the things I am not currently feeling. Something like that. Haha. Like being in love again. Or having my heart broken once more. Like it’s the end of the world but I am still hopelessly devoted to someone, not caring if it’s not reciprocated or whatever. I love the way songs make me feel. They make me feel. As in FEEL. Whew.

I already know these songs when I was a kid and totally liked it. Since I was not yet familiar with the full lyrics, I just hum along on the parts that I don’t know or invent my own words. Like crazy. Para lang makasabay sa kanta :b

The song The End of the World is part of the soundtrack of the movie Girl, Interrupted and I also love the film. Amazing. I rather saw myself in either of the two protagonists in the film played by Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. Anyway. Last week, while I was in Baguio City, my friends and I were walking along Session Road when we passed by an old man who has impaired eyes who was playing some sort of an instrument. He’s doing this as a source of income. Yes, he’s blind yet he can still play an instrument. Beats me. Guess what he was playing?
Well. It’s The End of the World by Skeeter Davis! San ka pa. Upon hearing the song (or should I say tune because no one was actually singing?), April and I started singing along with it. In the middle of the fucking road, we were at bliss. We were ecstatic. I was happy. We were singing and laughing and dancing while the old man was playing his instrument. In the middle of the road. And we were not even drunk yet. (We’re on the way to a bar pa lang. Hehe.) The scene made me love the song more. I was really, really happy.

I love it when simple (even stupid, crazy) things make me want to stop the world and die at the moment. Because of happiness. And overwhelming emotions. I love situations like that that I wanna get married to it! Amazing.

And most importantly...
I love my friends. And music. And drinking. And acting stupid. And happiness. Bliss. Craziness. Wasting time. Bitching out. Dreaming. And life as a whole. REALLY.

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