Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hi. Wala lng. Because I need someone to talk to. Whoever. Need. Or something. Ewan. I’m fecked up. Right now. So. I miss you. I think. Or talking to you. At least. And do I have to be the one to strike up a conversation first? Don’t you miss me and everything I did to color your life? Spice up your life would sound better but there would be many implications. Wait. What. Hehe. Whatever.

Aaargh. I can’t concentrate. I need to hear anything from you. Yknow. Catching up won’t be a bad idea. I just can’t talk to you first. Please makaramdam ka naman and talk to me. Like the old days. Hehe. Without malisya or anything. We’re friends naman diba. Tae. Kahit simpleng Hi lang. Eh kasi. Ewan. Aargh. Ewan. Because you were a part of me. Ang pangit naman kung dedmahan na lang. Hehe. Anak ng. Pero wala na talaga. K? :D I just miss talking. To yow. Hehe. And nope, wala ng issue sa ating dalawa :D Feelingero much? Hehe.

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