Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mind Fuck (Or Fuck My Mind. Whatever)

So ano ba. Hindi ko alam. Haha. I wanna write something, I just can’t think of what to write. Because writing makes almost everything official. Whatever. And I don’t really wanna entertain the idea. Whatever idea it is. Haha. Loljk. The idea that’s lurking in my mind for almost a week now. I think. Which is weird. And really really stupid. Because. I shouldn’t be thinking or feeling this way. Whatever this way is. Which is really weird. Fek. Before I totally blurt that something or whatever thing out, I should stop this na.

Basta something is really bothering me. And what’s most bothering is that I should not be bothered by that something. Sorry I can’t share it here pa. Baka mabasa nung ibang taong involved. HAHAHA. Just maybe. Soon… But not now. Kasi ayoko pa talaga isipin kung ano yun. Kahit puro clue nako dito, I can stop myself nman and control the thoughts kaya hindi ko super naiiisp at maishare. Haha. WhatTheFek.

Bahala na nga. Anak ng ano talaga. Shit. Pero I really want that person’s happiness. That’s for sure. Pero pano na happiness ko? HAHA. Ako na emo! :-P

But anyway, wala namang kasiguraduhan na that thing I was talking about would give me happiness eh. Haha. Ayon. I should just stick to the things nalang that already made me happy ♥ Lol.

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