Monday, 19 July 2010

Smoke And Mirrors (2)

This entry won’t be complete without mentioning my gorgeous girlfriend Xang ( gorgeous girlfriend Mary Elesiah... would sound better but Xang or Shang is what we call her. So.) During my one-week stay in Baguio, there was never a day that we weren’t together. Of course, we were not together 24/7 but there was never a day in between July10 to 17 that I didn’t see her. She’s one of the people who made my stay there worthwhile. Hehe. So, thank you Shang for being a very promising host and for being one of my sweet girlfriends. ♥ We rocked BC, really! :D:D You know why. Haha.


While I was in BC, something was revealed to me. I didn’t know then how I would react. Good thing I know how to keep calm and pretend like I don’t feel anything. Or something like that. When I learned about that something, I wasn’t a bit surprised. I kind of expected that thing would happen anytime. So. I dunno. Maybe that’s it. Haha.


I wrote in SAndM part1 how some of my friends now mirror a few things that happened to me in the past. It includes love life of course. Knowing I don’t have the right to tell her story here, I won’t elaborate na lang. Basta it’s about preparing yourself to a long distance relationship. Which sucks. When she was telling me her story and everything she feels about the upcoming “tragedy,” what I felt when I was also in that situation came back to be. Just like that. Faster than a snap of your fingers. I didn’t know how I should feel about it. I’m not hurting anymore. I totally accepted everything, and now I’m fine. Free. The memories just came back since what she’s experiencing now has a lot in common with what I experienced when I was in that situation. Crazy. I cannot tell her to stop the craziness. Because I know it’s fun and empowering (in a way. Haha.) What was left for me to do is to share my story, too. That’s the reason why it all came back.

I wondered if I was clearly over him already or what. Or I just remembered. Something was refreshed. Or something. Something.

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