Sunday, 8 August 2010

First Dates Are Always Awkward

I hate first dates. First date as in the first time you’re going to go out with a particular person, alright. Not exactly the first date you have in your entire life. I always feel like cancelling it the night before the actual date. I feel really weird when I think that the person might not like me anymore after spending a day with me. I know it’s stupid. I just feel paranoid. Especially when I don’t actually see the person very much. Going out with people and wanting them to like you or not unlike you is really stupid.

I think of what might happen during the date. I think about unintentionally doing crazy stuffs that would make the person feel somewhat turned off. I am almost a hundred per cent sure I’d do or say something really really awkward. Like something that would ruin a should-be-perfect time together. Hehe. I become nervous that I’d eventually do something stupid. I try my best in keeping everything real though. I try to be myself even if it’s hard because you don’t really know the person that much yet. I don’t trust myself during a first date.

I hate first dates. I almost always want them to end abruptly. But luckily, all first dates I ever had always end up nice. With me and the other person getting along well. I mean, we don’t have to end up as lovers or something. But at least we got to know each other better. And then that would be the start of a great friendship. Which is really nice. Okay?

That’s why at the back of my mind, even if I’m actually thinking of ditching somebody, I know I should always, always give them a chance first. Haha. In the end, I always find out that all my worries are unnecessary. Because first dates with me are always awesome. And the second… And the third… KIDDING! Just kidding. Ako na talaga :b

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