Friday, 6 August 2010

Flattered. But not interested.

It feels good when other people appreciate who you are and what you do even if sometimes, they do so without even knowing who you really are and what are your actual intentions. And by how they treat you, you would see that the admiration they have towards you is actually blurred. Blurred because of the fact that they already trusted you and they are already willing to invest in you even if what they see is not really you but the image that they actually want to see in you.

It’s nice to be admired. Really. But to some extent, you would just get tired of it eventually. Especially if you do not actually like the person who admires you. I don’t want to be mean here. But please try to understand that I can’t always be nice to everybody especially if they’re making me uncomfortable little by little to the point of creeping me entirely out.

You could still talk to me. And I’d talk to you but after what happened, please don’t expect I’d be warm. I feel really bad when I know I’m bitching you out already, though. I really feel some tightness in my chest. I swear. I hate the feeling. But I can’t help being rude. Even if I never really mean to. You were invading my alone-ness and I don’t like that. Please. Just. Stop. Making. Me. Uncomfortable.

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