Saturday, 14 August 2010

Mixed Up

So. This has been going on for a while. And I already kind of hinted this on one of my previous posts. And, well, until now, I can’t speak freely about it. Ayun, so dapat gumagawa ako ng FMA, pero hindi. As usual, hindi ako gumagawa. Naiinis ako sa sarili ko. Grabe talaga.

I feel like crying. But I am not even sure for what reason. Maybe it’s because, I feel like I can’t have the things I want again. Like what happens most of the time. Darn it.

Damn it, I just wanna sing the songs I love and listen to all my favourite music. I don’t wanna do anything else. I wish I could make a living just by singing. Damn it!

“And after all the boys and the girls that we’ve been through, would you give it all up, could you give it all up if I promise boy to you that I’ll never talk again..” – Lady Gaga (Speechless) I love this song. Especially this version:

So. Every time I feel like crying for no reason, I remember Nico and Rap (hi bros! Ü). It’s because I told them I do that most of the time. I think it was sometime in March or April (?) When the semester was about to end. And I even asked if they do the same. Yknow, crying just because it feels good to cry. Like you don’t really have any burden with you but since you just wanna lighten up your mood or whatever, you release some tear from the eyes. Something like that :D

I really wanna cry right now! Just because I want to. Really! Weird? Basta.

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