Saturday, 14 August 2010


Boredom. I am so bored with this life, I can’t do anything about it. I don’t wanna admit this, but it seems like I need someone to spice it up for me. Wtf. I’m always sleepy. Always tired. Always wish I were somewhere else. I think I need to try something new. Or at least change something in my life now. Wtf. Uhm. My hair? I'm thinking about getting a haircut. Or dyeing it again, maybe? Basta I know I need to change at least something in my body. What about my weight? Maybe I should just not eat for a week or something? I want a firm ass. Would running/jogging three times a week help? Argh.

Anythng. Please lang. Just anything. Help me change something in me. Everything kind of felt usual and ordinary nowadays. Idk. I just can’t find meaning in everything I do. Lately. Idk. Whatever. Or hindi ko lang napapansin. Fek. Maybe I’m just stuck up in this phase that I don’t really notice the changes that are in fact going on around me. Why do things feel ordinary? MyGod. Why?! Why do I feel so plain and ordinary?

And why doesn’t anybody understand me?

Idk. Not. You cannot imagine the intensity of the crap I do not give. Or something. Idk. Maybe. I really just dgaf.

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