Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Real Leaf Green Tea Is Definitely My Bottle Of Tea

We were told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And that honey, even though it is sweeter than sugar, does not really promote weight gain and is a natural antioxidant. So when combined, I don’t think one would be able to imagine the goodness and refreshment it would give to the body. I could actually imagine the taste right now, and I bet it would be heavenly. Bongga diba. :b

It was only recently that I realized I should stop drinking soft drinks as my main thirst quencher. I thought I should totally stop taking them because it has huge amounts of calories because of the sugar and I should be avoiding beverages with high-cal since I should now be more concerned with my weight.

Thank goodness, I discovered Real Leaf Green Tea in Honey Apple flavour! Well I didn’t actually discover it, all right. A friend recommended it to me and then I tried it immediately. I am so glad that I did. The moment the ready to drink green tea flowed from the bottle into my mouth, I know I wouldn’t look for any other thirst quencher. One gulp and then it took away all the dryness I felt. I am certain this is exactly my cup of tea. First, because apple is my favourite fruit, and second is that it has natural honey! I really like the idea that they are from bees.

So aside from the honey, which I am so fond of, Real Leaf Green Tea has amino acids such as Theanine that helps the mind become more focused due to the stimulation of the alpha brain waves. As we know, most teas have Caffeine as well and as it works with Theanine, they would help us become more focused so that we would be able to do things efficiently. For more information about the product, please check this out: Hmn. Since I could already feel the midterm exams approaching, it’s good to know what I should be having during review sessions. And it is no other than this drink. Nice! :D

The reason why I chose Honey Apple is that apple is my fave fruit and like what I said earlier, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Haha. It’s nice to know I could actually have it every day in the form of a tea that also contains Catechins that fight away free radicals. However, please don’t limit yourself into drinking this particular flavour of Real Leaf Green Tea too. For those who do not really like apple-flavoured beverages, good news is that Real Leaf has two other available flavours: Honey Lemon and Honey Lychee. Awesome, right? :D I promised myself I should try the other two tomorrow.

But before going to bed and drinking the remaining contents of the bottle of Real Leaf beside me, I know I should be following this delicious beverage in Twitter for more updates as well. And in case you might want to do the same, here is the link: Enjoy! :D
(I wish I could have some Real Leaf Green Tea in my dreams though.)

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