Friday, 20 August 2010

Suzie’s Side

You woke up one morning and suddenly hated everything. The moment you opened your eyes, you instantly wished you were dead. You dragged yourself from the bed and then looked at yourself in the mirror. You just stood there and stared at your eyes. Dead. Empty. Hollow. Blank. You didn’t dare to smile the way you used to. You just walked away; walked away from the truth that you don’t wanna see. Ever. The truth that you can’t bear to acknowledge.

The phone rang but you just didn’t care enough to pick it up. The one who was calling couldn’t be that important anyway. You sat at your favourite chair overlooking the window. The sun was about to set, but for you, the day was just starting. But were you about to start it… or end it?

You were so alone and no one cared. You were so sad but nobody noticed. The few moments that you were happy, no one was there. You had fun all by yourself. You wondered how you could be so alone in a crowded place or in an over-populated city. Things felt surreal. Everything seemed like a dream. You had to wake up. And to be able to do that, you had to kill yourself in this dream.

(I dunno how to end this.)

* The photo is from the movie The Virgin Suicides.*

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