Monday, 27 September 2010


Because this is one of the memorable experiences I have in Baguio City last sem, I feel the need to share it here. And. I don’t really want to forget what happened because it was a big deal at school the day after it actually happened. And this was so funny and scary at the same time.

It was one chilly night in February. Or March. Or April, maybe? Haha. Anyway.. So.. It was one chilly night in one of the early months of this year and me and my housemates in Military Cut Off in Baguio City were joking around or something when one of us, (Shocks, I could barely remember if it was me, or Kat or April, but for sure it’s not Roan, since she was kinda sleeping na that time. Haha) went to the sink to wash her hands when suddenly, the faucet popped. Oh wait, I dunno how to describe it, really. But the faucet was so loose that it came off (?) from where it was so the water burst out in all its strength, spreading itself all over the kitchen. As in everything was wet.

(MagtaTagalog na lang ako okey. Hehe. Or Taglish.)

Ayun nga, natanggal yung gripo kasi loose na ung, well, gripo :D Tapos, sumabog ung tubig, as in nabasa halos ung buong kusina pati ung nagbukas ng gripo, na hindi ko na maalala kung sino. Si April ata..? Ehdi labasan yung mga natira sa kwarto. Si Kat, dahil yung mga papel nia ay nasa kitchen table, medyo nagpanic. Shempre nabasa. Hehe. Tapos super nataranta na kami, hindi namin alam kung pano pipigilan yung tubig na sobrang lakas na lumalabas sa gripo. As in grabe. Naapahinto naman namin kaso yung may hawak, yung mismong nagpipigil na water force, dapat andun lang sha forever. Eh hindi naman pwede yun, duh. Tapos basing basa pa yung buong bahay. Parang ewan tlaga. Basing basa na manlulumo ka kasi nakaktamad linisin. Kami naman, although medyo asar na kasi dapat natutulog na kami, dinaan na lng naming sa tawanan. Wuhoo. Lagi naman kami nagtatawanan whenever we’re together eh. Haha.

And then suddenly… To our surprise, someone knocked on the door! It was the brother of our landlady. He’s really creepy because he’s always drunk and for me, he’s the epitome of “ka-manyakan” promise.

We thought he heard how strong the water force was that’s why he knocked. At first, we decided not to tell him the problem and just solve it ourselves, but we were really tired na and all so we just wanna hand him over the problem so that we could sleep. We wanted him to fix the faucet so that we all could retire.

We found out later on that he never heard that the water was going crazy and that the faucet was broken. He just wanted to annoy us. See, he was drunk and crazier than the water. He joked a lot, offended us in some way, and made me really irritated, while fixing the goddamn gripo. He even touched Katrine’s legs on his way out of the door to get some tool! God. So, Kat was sitting in the kitchen table, I was leaning on the bedroom door, while the others were pretending to be asleep. When he kinda touched Kat’s legs, I ordered Kat to go inside the bedroom and just stay there until the faucet gets fixed and the man was out. I was a little mad at her for staying near the bastard and showing herself without a bra underneath her thin shirt. She was merely covering her chest with her hands. So, I asked April to help me out. I mean, to sort of accompany the man while he was inside the house. But April, and her super duper quirky self, tried teasing the man and everything. At first it was funny, but after a few minutes, everything kind of got offensive and out of hand. Well, may bad is that I kinda joked with them too. Knowing the man was drunk, and drunk persons are super sarap pagtripan, we said that April was a guy. Hehe. Of course the man didn’t buy it. He said, “Kung lalaki ka, bat ang laki ng boobs mo?” THEN HE TOUCHED HER BOOBS! OMG! AS IN OMG! April and I just stood there looking at each other. Then I made a gesture that we should just go inside the bedroom. The fuck.

In the bedroom, we were really pissed off na and scared for ourselves. Pero we still managed to joke around, in hushed voices. We talked about killing the man and hiding his body somewhere that no one would ever notice. We thought no one actually knows he was inside the house, so if ever we went on with the plan, no one would ever know, we wouldn’t be blamed for his future “disappearance.” HAHAHA. But of course, we were just joking! We could never do such a thing, EVER. After a few minutes, we heard the maniac screaming, enjoying his alone time with the water. Thefuck. He even shouted “Ang sarap sarap!” WHAT THE HELL. That was the moment that I snapped. Like, for godsake, I should be sleeping by now! I guess it was past midnight already. So, I told Kat to call the landlady na. At first, wla talagang sumasagot. Malamang kasi nga hating gabi na. Tapos finally, nakausap nga namin, we asked her to come down the house.

Tas pagdating, wow, buong pamilya po kayo? Hehe. Yung landlady andun, yung asawa nia, yung kapatid, at yung mga magulang nia! Haha. Ang liit kaya ng bahay namin para sa inyo :b Hehe. So all in all, anim silang magkakapamilya sa bahay namin that madaling araw.

We explained what happened and then they tried dragging him out of the house. The eldest, which is the father of the landlady fixed the faucet instead. And he did it so quickly that we found out later on that that maniac was just stalling so that he could be with us for some time. Adik lang. And super creepy. Kinabahan tlga kami, to the point nga of killing him. Haha. Kidding.

Sooo funny nuh? After that incident, mas naging mabait yung landlady samin, ayaw kaming mawala. Haha. Eh kasi kami na nga lang nagtitiis sa bahay nila, ganon pa ngyare diba. Hahaha. We moved out naman before the sem ends kasi nga nagaway kami ni Kat. Hehe. Pero okay na lahat ngayon, cool! :D

And about that man, Idk if he’s still alive today. Haha. I guess he’s an alcoholic and a former (?) drug addict so baka may sakit pa lang sha nagyon. Whew. So mean! Pero ayun. Whatever :D This experience will always be funny for Kat, April, and I. We shared the story to almost all our friends the following day and we all laughed about it. Hard.

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