Sunday, 5 September 2010

Don’t litter!

I know this topic is actually for Grade 1 students, but I just really need anything to write about. As in. Haha. I am dying to write about anything. As in anything. I dunno what’s happening to me but I can’t really think of anything nice to write. And I badly need to type something. I’m not sure why but all I know is that I love updating this blog. So. Before I start, I am really bothered that I am running out of topics to dwell on. I mean, I used to be busy whining, ranting, and/or philosophizing on paper. Now, it seems like I can’t feel anything. I liked writing down what I feel but now, there is nothing to write about. I feel so empty. Empty to the point of eating every food I see just to feel full. Darn it. I even looked up this topic on Write Source. I mean, how pathetic is that? (Well, not much. Haha.) Ok. So this is the moment where I should talk about the topic I’ve chosen. Hehe.


So. Don’t litter. I like my things organized. I want my room clean and I love to make everything in order. My life is kinda screwed and my head’s really messed up so I try to make some things around me better. I try to systemize material things around me since the things inside my mind are harder to touch, if not impossible.

At home, whenever I see some trash displaying itself somewhere it shouldn’t be, I immediately call the suspect. Meaning, the person responsible for putting it there. I ask them to throw it away in the trash bin. Harshly. I swear. I yell at them and scold them and get mad at them for not throwing that piece of shit properly so that they won’t do it again. Unfortunately, they never get tired of the things that come out of my mouth. They do that thing repeatedly. I am so pissed off whenever that happens. Really. I hate dirt. I’m allergic to it. I swear.

Well, how about the issue of littering outdoors? When I’m with a person and s/he throws something, say, a butt of cigarette or a candy wrapper, on the road or sidewalk, I just pick it up myself if I can’t ask her/him to pick it up. Why can’t I ask? Not because I know I would yell at them, alright. I just don’t want them to think that I am that OC. Because I’m not. I just want my environment clean. Haha.

I remember this incident with my mom. She threw something out of her pocket, I can’t remember if it was a piece of paper or a candy wrap, and then I got mad. Not mad mad. Just a bit mad. I was irritated. A little. Like. HELLO, MOM! HOW COULD YOU?! Haha. And she just laughed it off. I was so pissed off. Really. And then what did I do? I picked it up, of course! I am not used to throwing things anywhere. It ruins my view of my surroundings. The world is so fucked up, why do we people still have to mess it up, literally?! WHY? What I do when I have to throw out something and there are no trash cans around, I just put it in my pocket or in my bag for the meantime and just throw it out later when there’s a trashcan already or when I got home. Of course I’m sure there’s a trashcan at home. See? Practicing this won’t hurt. You might try it if you’re not doing it yet.

I believe we could make this world a better place if we could just dispose our garbage properly. If we can’t do that little thing, we have no right to dream about larger things like world peace. I think we should start changing ourselves little by little. Step by step. This statement is so overrated, but it’s true. If we yearn for some change, there is no other way but to change ourselves first.

“We have to be the change we want to see in the world.” Something like that. So please, DON’T LITTER!

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