Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hot And Cold

One sign that I am totally not myself tonight:

I went out of the house into the garage to charge my cell phone. I don’t feel like explaining why I had to charge my phone in an outlet outside the house, so I won’t, but believe me, there’s a valid reason. So. On my way back, I saw a glass of water and I thought it would be best to bring it on the sink to be able to be washed. I dunno who used it and it sort of looked like it wasn’t clean.

I dunno what got into me, but maybe because of the glass in my hand, my head impulsively thought that I needed a drink. Without really thinking about what I was doing, I went to the fridge then filled it with cold water and then I drank from it! The horror! Kidding. I didn’t really over react. So. I didn’t realize yet that it was not clean until I drank up all its contents. My eyes just widened a little bit, thinking what I just did. Then that’s it. Like, whatever. I can’t do anything about it anymore. The water’s in my stomach already. And it’s not like I’m that maarte to try to throw up. So, what the hell.


There. That’s just one sign that I am not myself tonight. I dunno why I’m like this. See, I don’t like the feeling. It’s like I suddenly hated the world. I felt… empty. And that is the least thing that I should be feeling, okay. Hello, hormonal imbalance. FuckYeah.

I should be ecstatic since today was great. I met up some people and they were awesome (you’re the awesome-est, okay..). So I guess I must be tired. I feel really restless. Or most probably I am just PMS-ing. And that is so fucked up. I don’t really feel like talking to anybody tonight. Not at all.

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