Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Morning Madness

If you talk to me the moment I wake up in the morning without me talking to you first, then you don’t know me, man. You’re screwed. I don’t like talking to anybody as soon as I wake up. I would just look blankly at you if you did so. Worse, tatarayan pa kita. And you wouldn’t be able to talk to me for the rest of the day. Yeah. In flesh ha. Pag sa text medyo okey lang, k. You are not able to see my face, anyway. After waking up, I usually just stare up in space and wonder why I’m once again in my waking life. Can’t I just stay in my dreams forever? Seriously. That’s why I don’t like saying ‘good morning’ (face to face) to anybody at all. Like, what is good in the morning when I should still be sleeping? Not that I don’t like my life. Actually I hate it soooo much. No, erase that. I’d like to keep a positive attitude, okay. So let’s just pretend I like it. Whatever. Laboooo.

So. The reason I'm not fond of getting up early in the morning is that I lack sleep. Forever. I could never get enough sleep. Everrr. Whenever you catch me, right after I woke up, with a super bad mood, that means I had slept for three to four hours only. And I hate the feeling. Who doesn’t? You can’t blame me for hating it since I’m a girl who badly loves dreaming and doing nothing but lying on the bed. Or cuddling, if I have a partner. Okay? Wahehe. God. I miss having someone hugging me when I’m about to sleep. So sad. And nostalgic. Anyway.

I remember one time when a friend pointed out my unbelievable morning attitude to another friend. I was so touched! Haha. I was so moved that he knows me enough to say how monstrous my attitude is every morning. I was in Baguio then and we usually had overnights together so we wake up in each other’s faces. And they know better than to look at me. Or to talk to me. They know I would approach them when I’m ready to talk to people na, so they just leave me alone for a while. They’d have a taste of my bitchface if they don’t comply. Exagg. If they did the wrong thing, which is to talk to me, I just shrug them off with a mischievous smile. And then they’d keep quiet. No offense was made. Everything was understood. I’d usually make it up to them later Ü

So. I already shook off this morning madness once. It just came back. When? That’s a secret I would never tell. Kidding. Ü Well. It was when I was in love. Haha. Which feels like a long time ago. Well, it was really a long time ago. Almost a year na. And I’m feeling great. Seriously. Not as great as I was then. But great, nonetheless. Just saying.

I think. I am not capable of brushing off this morning madness. At least not for now. So. If you happen to see me in this state, sorry. But you just have to bear it. *wink.wink*

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