Wednesday, 27 October 2010


So. I just feel like writing tonight. I was about to write down what’s in my mind na kanina on my new thought notebook eh. But since I’m online, I might as well type it na lang here para diretso na. :D

Pero. Actually I don’t have any specific topic in my mind right now. I just wanna… Write. And type everything that would come out of my head, through my hands. Or something like that. Or whatever. Idk. Whatthefuck.

I feel so lutang tonight. Bigla na lang. Parang okey naman ako kaninang umaga. Hang labo. Parang ayoko magisip pero gusto ko may pinaglalaruang idea sa utak ko. Gaddammit.

Bakithindiakomapakali?! Huhu.
I need an environmental change. Out of town, tara!

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