Monday, 15 November 2010


November 14 2010. 0425pm @McDo Philcoa

Waiting. Writing. Waiting. Waiting. Writing.

How boring is it to wait? It’s like this. Very… Very boring.
I am so bored, I cannot describe the feeling profoundly.
The struggle to keep your eyes open would kill you. Sigh. Or maybe I’m just sleepy. Sleepy na kakahintay. Bored. Sleepy. Haha. But isn’t Boredom = Sleep? ‘Cause when you’re bored, you’d most likely fall asleep. It would always make you yearn for the nearest bed, I swear.
It would make you want to kill everybody else in the background para lang may magawang exciting. It would drive you crazy.

It would make you think of the person you’re waiting for. What if something bad happened to her/him? What if something good happened to her/him? Soooo good, it made her/him forget that someone is waiting for her/him. Hate. I hate waiting.

(I’m waiting for my sister, btw. Ang labo ng mga sinabi ko.)

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