Monday, 15 November 2010

Never Again, Promise

Thank you very much. :)

It was so funny I was hysterical. That’s why I liked it. Liked with the “d,” yeah. Exactly after a split second form the moment I liked it, I regretted what I did. It hit me that I shouldn’t have done it. Actually, from my own point of view, it was stupid and so low. It was just that the damage was already done, so I can’t do anything about it anymore. I cannot “Unlike” it without her knowing that I liked it in the first place.

So… Why did I like it anyway? :D I honestly don’t know. It was like another person did it for me. I wasn’t quite myself that time, seriously. So… Why?? Uhm, maybe because it made me laugh? Hehe. It was funny to me, really. And I don’t know why. Weird. That’s why I clicked the button without thinking. It was an impulsive move and it was so stupid. I didn’t think about how it would make him feel… and I felt really bad.

It has been a long time since I felt that way. I felt like a child who did something bad… Who doesn’t know how to tell her parents what she did… Trying to hide it in any way possible… Just waiting for them to find out… Waiting to be punished.

I swear that was how I felt. It made me wanna burry my face in my hands. It made me want to disappear.

And it has been a long time since I wanted to just disappear like a bubble. That was how bad I felt. I was sorta kinda ashamed. HAHAHA. I dunno why. It was really stupid.

Because making him upset is the last thing that I ever want to make him feel. I really am sorry. It won’t happen again.
I don’t really care about that girl anyway. HAHA.

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