Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sleeping. Dreaming. Waking.

Times like this, when I actually enjoy what I’m doing, whether it’s watching an amazing movie or TV show or reading something interesting or procrastinating over an assignment, I kind of wish that sleeping shouldn’t have been a necessity.

Whoa wait. Of course I love sleep. It’s included in my list of my favourite things in the world. In fact, it’s second to hanging out with my favourite people, which is in number one. I love sleeping so much that it’s my favorite escape too. And that I could almost spend a whole day without getting up from the bed. See.

But sometimes, when I think a day isn’t enough to make me do everything I wanna do, I can’t help but wish that sleep is not as important as eating. Or breathing. Sleep is my lover, alright. And it really pains me to say that it shouldn’t exist at all. A lot of beautiful stuff happens during sleep eh. On the other hand though, you kind of miss some events that could only happen during your waking life.

Then again, as soon as I tell myself that sleep shouldn’t exist at all, I am reminded of dreaming. And all the good things that comes with it. I remember during my first years in college how much I get excited to go to bed (because I don’t have nightlife yet) and be surprised by whatever dream comes to me. I want to sleep as soon as possible just to dream. Every night I wonder what kind of dream I’d get. I even start “daydreaming” just to invoke the things I want to dream about. Yes, sometimes it happens. What I wanna dream, I dream of. However, the ending I want doesn’t always happen. Maybe that’s just how the mind plays its trick. You think so too? :P

(This is a reblog. This entry was first published on June13.2010)

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