Monday, 25 April 2011


I fucking hate insects. Dammit. Live insects. Some looks good in photos eh. And butterflies are not included.

It’s 05:08 in the morning. My eyes feel so heavy. I’m sitting on the living room sofa, watching Anger Management in HBO. So, why am I not sleeping?

Let me tell you the story.

I was lying on my bed, about to fall asleep at about 40mins ago when I heard my stack of earrings, that hangs on the wall, make a sound. It was like something or somebody touched it. So, I opened my eyes, darted them where my earrings hang, and then saw a horrifying insect about 2 inches long, 2/3 inch wide, with a pair of about 3 inches antennae, and three pairs of thorny legs. EWW!

I don’t want it posted on my blog so I hoped you just follow THIS LINK. That is the closest picture I could find in the internet. Minus the wings. It’s really, really scary, I think it could kill me. OA much? >.< Now, could you imagine how afraid I was?! I’d never be able to sleep tight again knowing that these kinds of bugs lurk inside our bedroom. Aaarrgghh.

And then I rushed to my sister’s bed and waited for the scary insect to fly somewhere near so that I could kill it with the slipper in my hand. Unfortunately, it decided to settle on my lamp. As in directly on the bulb. I figured there was no way I’d be able to defeat it. Or something. And then that was when I decided to just go downstairs. Like watch a movie or something.

So here I am. Sleep deprived, watching Anger Management, and occasionally laughing my ass off because of the movie. *Siiiigghhhh*

I fucking hate insects.

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