Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Last Night: The Past, Our Part

"Once you know something like that, you can't unlearn it."

* Spoiler Alert

Joanna said this after Alex’s (her first love) friend asked her why Michael, her husband, does not know about Joanna and Alex’s past. This quote registered in my mind since I think that this bears some truthness in it.

I don’t know what EXACTLY there is about our partner’s past that makes it hard for us to forget once we learn about it, especially a part of the past where another person had something intimate with our beloved. The fact that someone had actually been cozy with our present partner gives us a weird feeling. That’s it: A weird feeling. It kinda makes us disdainful that someone was with our partner already before us. Dapat tayo yung nauna eh. Something like that.

It’s like it’s hard to admit na our partner has already experienced some sweet things with another person than us. It’s hard, but it’s not like you can’t accept it. Hello, para namang may magagawa ka pa. Just grin and bear it… :D

Well, this line from the movie kinda made me wonder if should’ve told Ken everything; everything about the people that became a part of my life. I want to. Kaya ko nga sinabi na lahat. Pero for his sake, dapat ba kinwento ko na lahat? Kasi nga those kinds of things are hard to unlearn. So, I guess it’ll sort of remain with him forever. No matter how… Sad? Painful? Hard to bear? Unforgettable? Pero he has a right t know those things naman diba? Especially if I’d spend the rest of my life with him. So, I think we should just bear those things na lang. Kasi the past will always be a part of us, no matter what. It added to the things that make up who we are. Ayun lang.

So, no matter how painful, how sad, or how hard to suck in something, if we gotta be absolutely honest with someone, I think they have the right to know the things about our ex-loves. I think. Well, that’s what I did.

And the fact that Joanna haven’t told her husband about Alex yet, makes the viewer conclude na she’s not yet completely over him. In my opinion ha, that’s it. And why still keep your ex’s photos hidden between your book?!

(Photo courtesy of the movie Last Night)

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