Sunday, 3 April 2011


“Don’t bother trying to explain your emotions.
Live everything as intensely as you can and keep whatever you feel as a gift from God.

I was reading Brida by Paulo Coelho then I suddenly realized that I forgot many things about myself and all the other stuffs I used to believe in.

It’s not that I actually changed. I simply forgot what used to be.

Recently, I kept on blaming my hormones, and all the chemicals I have inside me, for the things I feel. I blamed my hormones whenever I become sad for no apparent reason. I thought that I just lack certain chemicals that make me break into tears without knowing why.

Today I realized that I don’t have to understand what I’m feeling and justify everything I feel. I don’t have to be logical about these things because feelings are irrational. Just like our instincts. My hormones and the chemicals that make me up do not actually define who I am. I am because of myself and not because of these fluids, glands, or organisms inside my body.

I feel all emotions I feel not because some chemicals from my brain want me to. I don’t have to explain what I feel because explaining is vastly overrated. I don’t have to make sense about who I am.

Fuck Science. I’m not merely a sum of all the organs that make up my body that is recognizable as a human being. We are more than just appearances. We are more than what we seem like.

I feel everything I feel because I am ME. I have a soul. A spirit that defends my characteristics as a person... I may have lived other lives and set on past adventures that are hidden inside the memory box of my soul. I, myself is an adventure waiting to be discovered through time.

I feel because I am. I feel, therefore I am. I simply am. I AM.

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