Monday, 25 April 2011

My Future Lies

I do lie, okay. Surprised? :P I never said I was a role model. So… Ugh.

I have an account on Tumblr and I call it My Future Lies. I dunno why exactly I picked that name, but it’s a line in one of my favourite songs from the legendary Elton John. The song is entitled “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” and this is the line I was talking about: Oh, I’ve finally decided my future lies beyond the yellow brick road…

(HERE's the link to the song if you'd like to check it out ;))


I created a Tumblr account on September 2009. I was thinking so hard for a name to go with the URL when the phrase came to my mind. I remember that when I was in highschool, I often stay up so late thinking about my would-be-excuses whenever I do something bad and/or in case I am caught doing something bad. My future excuses… My future lies. I was never a role model and I don’t think I ever will be. I am not the most praise-worthy girl you’ll ever meet. Never will be. I lie. I cheat (never relationship-wise, though). And I do regret some of the things I’ve done in the past.

When I know I’ve done something wrong, and I feel like no one should ever find out because it might embarrass me and/or ruin my reputation and/or hurt other people, I construct some white lies so that I know what to say if ever I get confronted because of that silly thing I did. If ever I get confronted, I say, because sometimes when you do something terrible, you won’t really tell someone, right? Unless you have too much confidence in that person. And not especially to the person that has something to do with why you are committing a lie. In my case, I think of some white lies to say if ever I get caught in the future, with regards to that wrong action I performed. Hence, my future lies.

Repetitive much? Well, I’m emphasizing a point here.

And please don’t judge me yet.

It is never good to speak of untruthful things, but I cannot say it is entirely bad. The end justifies the means. Right? Uhm… Wait. I know… I know…

I know it’s ideal to hurt someone by telling him/her the painful truth than to hide it from him or her. Well. Uhm… I told you I’m not perfect. It’s just that when you’re sure you’d be at risk when you speak of the truth, you tend to hide it and carry on with a good lie. With no real intention of hurting anybody.

Personally, whenever I decide on my lies, I also think about what it might possibly cause the person I will be lying to. I even think about if they deserve any little part of it. Will it hurt him/her if I didn’t tell the truth? If I were at stake, but no one else will get hurt or disappointed if I pulled off a good lie, then why not do it?

OMG! I am not saying it is okay to lie, kids. It’s just that sometimes we’re really better off with a good lie. If it’s to protect ourselves, to avoid a really bad conflict, to not damage someone else’s innocence, or to save a relationship… Sometimes we are really better off with an honest to goodness lie. If there was such a thing…

Just. Uhm… Make sure you would never ever get caught.

There are times, though, that one doesn’t have to lie but just not tell the truth in all its truthfulness. You wouldn’t have to lie, but you wouldn’t have to speak of the absolute truth neither. It’s all about the sentence structure. What they call syntax. *wink*

I don’t wanna be busted so I won’t give specific examples. But really, more often than not, it’s all about syntax, guys. When you become an expert with regards to this trick, they can’t really say you were lying. Or you lied.

Uh. That’s all I could say for now.


I DO NOT encourage lying. I am basically justifying my own actions, but really, if you could always tell the truth to everybody around you, please do so.

And if you think of lying to me, just make sure I would never ever find out. PLEASE. I do not like being lied to. Who the heck does?

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