Saturday, 16 April 2011

What We Like, Love, and More!

I got a present from The Boyfriend when I went at their house today. He asked me to open it when I get home later that night. I had no definite idea what it was. Honestly, I expected the usual love letter, only sweeter … *wink* But to my surprise, well, it wasn’t! It was something I never imagined him doing, and getting from him…

So… This was what he gave me today, the 15th day of April 2011, which is also my parent’s 22nd wedding anniversary, Yay! And I really think this is so wonderful :( Dinaig nia pa yung mga bagay na binigay ko sa kanya... In this collage, he put together the things we Über like aside from each other :P

See the statement that says, “I wind up with you?” It has a message underneath that can be seen when you flip it. And I am not gonna reveal here what that message is :P But of course, it is heart-warming and nakakakilig. He keeps on surprising and surprising me. This is art, for art’s sake! I know deep inside that he still has many talents that he hasn’t shown me yet. He never fails to make me scream over and over again. He always titillates me. I know that together, we’d be able to discover a lot about each other’s hidden potential. He really brings out the best in me. And I hope I am doing the same to him.

I love him so much (Isn’t it obvious!!)… I’d never be able to look into another man’s eyes the way I look at his. I already found my greatest love in his eyes, in his heart, through his body. And I’m more than satisfied with all the blessing we share.

Now, this collage will go straight to the wall beside my bed so that it would be the first thing I’d see when I open my eyes every morning, and the last piece I’d look at before I go to sleep. ♥

*Siiiigh* Ako na ata pinakamasayang babae sa mundo… :”>


Anonymous said...

wow how sweet :) ang haba ng hair mo teh hehe

karminakerene said...

Ang sweet ni Ken!! Haha awwwwwww. I'm so happy for you guys. :')

Jamie said...

Landi niyo. HAHA! :P ♥