Thursday, 14 April 2011

Beauty and Adele

So, my siblings and I were contemplating this beautiful picture of Adele, the Heartbreak Superstar according to this particular magazine:

This was the conversation that followed:

Me: Ang ganda talaga ni Adele.
Mitzi: Sino ba yan?
Me: Yung kumanta ng Rolling In The Deep.
Mitzi: Ano yun? Kantahin mo nga...
Me: (Sings) We could have had it all, Rolling in the deep, You had my heart inside of your hand, And you played it to the beat...
Mitzi: Eh diba mataba yun? (Pertaining to the music video)
Me: Oo nga. Pero maganda naman sha diba. Mas maganda pa nga kay Katy Perry. And not because mataba naman, pangit na. It's all in the face.
*Biglang singit si brother*
Warren: Tange. Wala sa mukha yun, nasa personality.
Me & Mitzi: Ikaw na!!


And it's true. Being beautiful is not all about the face or the type of your body. I believe what's internal plays a huge factor as well when it comes to defining what is beautiful. I just wasn't able to say it immediately because I was thinking about beauty in the physical aspect; between your body type and the kind of face you have. I admit that it was a shallow way of thinking, but I wasn't trying to be truly sentimental about it. We weren't talking about beauty in general, anyway. Heck, we were talking about Adele. But anyway... Since the topic's already on hand...

"What the fuck is inner beauty?" -- Kristen Stewart


Anonymous said...

agree marie -- naks taray naman ni bro hehe congrats pala sa kanya :))

Anonymous said...

Sa wakas nga gumradweyt eh :D Uhm, kung anuano na rin nalalaman :D