Thursday, 19 May 2011

0519 Blah

What is it about the past that makes people so hard to forgive… and forget? Everybody has one. And at one point in our lives we may have come across an alley that is so dark we can’t deny we’ve been there.


I like Demi Lovato now that she has already stopped pretending. I realized now why I hate her before. May be I noticed that she wasn’t being true to herself. But now that she’d come out and accepted everything that she is, I think I’m starting to love her.

Hehehe. Anyway…

1235AM. I am so sad, I can’t explain what I actually feel. Well, there’s this heavy feeling inside my chest that won’t go away no matter how I sighed HEAVILY.

It just simply fucking hurts…
It hurts being in the wrong because of something that’s not entirely wrong.
I have no excuse for my past actions. I never regret them.
I won’t say sorry for how I am behaving in the present.
And I know I will never have any alibi for my future actions as well.
Whatever they may be…
I love who I was. I love who I am. No matter how deranged I appear.
And I will always love myself.

I’ve never hurt someone on purpose. Never. Not even in my wildest dreams.

(Oh. There are too many I’s in this note. Self-centred much?)

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Jamie said...

Sometimes we need to be self-centered. :*