Monday, 23 May 2011

When the person you love leaves you…
You move on. You start from scratch.
Restart your life. And all the promises and other lies go straight to the trash.
You don’t let that cripple you. You still have many miles to tread.



If forever were substantial,
It would taste like you.
It would smell like you.
And would be visible through your eyes.

If it were materialized into something,
I’m sure it would be you.
You represent the concept that is forever, in my life.

Forever isn’t enough to show you my love.
I may not actually believe in it,
But I believe in you.

Forever is nothing without you.
Forever is you. And me.
This love… Us.

(for HKLY. This may not be my best poem for you... Yet.)

1 comment:

Ken said...

THANK YOU! :* AWW... Pahingi ng soft copy. :D

One day the sun will set up and will rise with you.. You by my side on my bed. I love you. >:D<