Monday, 20 June 2011


(This is one of my favorite pictures of her kasi I took this. Hehe. You'll always be my little girl.. :P)

So... How would I ever start talking about Katrine Mae Bernadas?

Uhm. Uh… Ang hirap. This girl’s a combination of every special and weird thing in the world. Describing her in one word, one paragraph, or one page will never give justice to what she really is in real life. Hehe.

I would have wanted to share here the story of how we met. Kaya lang nakalimutan ko na yung specific detail. Hahaha. Basta she was my bloc mate in college at UP Baguio and she was the bloc head. What I remember is that I didn’t like her instantly. I was sort of irritated with her pa nga because she seemed so maligalig than what I would have liked. I realized later on na she’s the kind of girl I somehow want to be. I admire her strength, her ability to understand others, and her capability to give huge amounts of love without really asking for anything in return. She’s too good to be true.

She is always nice to everybody. I remember being irritated, again, due to this one time when she was being extra nice to this person I don’t actually like. Like, “Why are you trying to be friends with that person? I don’t like her!” But I didn’t tell her that. She’s free to make friends with anyone she likes naman eh. I was kinda jealous lang that time. Kasi having many friends mean less time for me. And I am soooo possessive like that. Hehehe. At wala akong someone nun so I needed her as my girlfriend. Waha.

Like most relationships, of course we had our ups and downs. I think we had more exchanges of silent treatment than any other mag-bestfriends have. I even wondered once if we were really just friends ‘cause I was starting to look at her as a lover na. HAHAHA. Kidding! Pero I considered that ah. Oh, God. Whooo. Confessions galore. Uhhmmn… Okay, don’t take that seriously.

We had two (or was it three?) MAJOR away already. We didn’t spank each other or pulled each other’s hair. Di lang kami nagpapansinan ng maataagaaaal na panahon. I tried making lambing and everything pero wala talaga. Mas ginusto niya atang umiyak or ayaw niya na talaga ko makasama >.< We’re emo like that. But I am proud to say that we braved these storms. We love each other so much that’s why we set aside these tribulations and continue being bestfuckingfriends. And I am so happy that I still have her in my life.

Anyway. I think what led to these away was my desire to place everything to where I wanted them. I wanted the things and people around me to be what I wanted them to be. I unconsciously tried controlling her. But Kat can’t be controlled kasi she’s a wild girl at heart. Hehe. And birds of the same feather flock together. Bow.

After the difficulties we encountered, I realized I can’t tell her who she should be. I was just her bestfriend. She has her own life and there’s no way I could tell her what to do. I could only give her my advice and opinions. And that was what I did in the end. She always listened to me naman. She always did her best to hear me out. And I love the fact that what I had to say was very important to her. She made me feel so special, so important, and so needed. She made my birthdays extra special. There was always a surprise birthday party for me. At gastos nia ah. Makapanlibre lang… :P Haha. And I am so, so, so, very thankful for those times.

She genuinely knows how to treat people the way they want to be treated that’s why they stick with her. She has the ability to make you feel special and loved. She was also a sweet roommate/housemate, btw. I loved it when she used to wake me up every morning ‘cause she prepared breakfast for us. Most of the time, whatever’s on the table is my favourite. Ugh. That’s why I love her so much. She always makes me happy. She would lay down on my bed and try to rouse me with her sweet voice. She’d greet me good morning and ask me to rise and shine ‘cause the food’s ready na. I kinda felt like a princess when we were living together. Hee ♥ I really really hope na I made her feel that way as well.

She deserves more than what I gave her. I just want her to be soooo happy. I even told her na if I were a guy, I would do everything to make her mine. It would be my goal in life to make her more than happy. She deserves that. Too bad, we’re just meant to be BESTFRIENDS. Forever and ever. And it’s one of my duties to make her happy.

She is someone I wouldn’t allow myself to lose. She’s a precious human being and I would hurt anyone who hurts her. Even myself… OhYeah. She’s more than a sister, a lover, a bestfriend. I see parts of myself in her and those parts will never be erased. It would remain with us forever.

Kat, my BFF. My sweet little thing. The one person I miss hugging…
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, My Dear! *Yaakaaaap* I miss you so very much. I miss US… >:(

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