Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Truth behind That Fateful Day of May 2010

It was almost the end of May 2010 and classes would soon start. I had myself enrolled at the UP Open University and was very hopeful that things would turn out positively for me regarding my academic life. This was another turning point in my life and I was very serious about making things work properly for me.

I was getting dressed on that Saturday morning for the orientation for the new students of my new school and I swear to God I was really nervous. I even asked my best friend to accompany me since I felt like I would just fret, whine, and be depressed about the whole thing. After all, it was due to my laziness and irresponsibility that I transferred to another UP unit.

I decided to put on a white shirt, black jeans, and my black chucks, plus my usual accessories. I wasn’t planning to make paCute to anyone, anyway. So, it didn’t matter what I looked like. I remembered what my guy friend, Pem, used to say. “It’s all in the face.” Like no matter how badly you’re dressed, if you’ve got a nice face, it won’t ever matter. Anyway.

When I arrived at the NCC building along CP Garcia, I saw Diane waiting for her friend, Hannah, who’s also a new student. Diane was a senior at UPB and she just transferred to UPOU like me. She introduced Hannah and me to each other then we three decided to stick together during the whole orientation.

We entered the hall exactly when the program was about to start. Most people there looked beyond our age so I kinda felt out of place. My mind was actually not in that place at that time. I was constantly checking on my nails, admiring the blueness of my nail polish.

After a long period of nonsense whatever, I noticed a particular guy, who was sitting somewhere in front of us, stood up. I guessed he’d probably go to the restroom. I was so bored out of my wits; I even considered following him and making some eye contact, maybe? I thought he kinda looked good and there’s nothing wrong if I’d flash him one flirty smile, right? I wasn’t dating anybody, anyway. Heehee.

But. Because I was too polite to bother the people who were sitting beside me, I decided to shrug off the idea and just stay on my place. It’s possible that I might be seeing him again, anyway. I assumed he’d be in one of my classes or whatever. But. I wasn’t that interested naman. Whatever.

After about an hour or so, and a whole lot of questions asked, the orientation was finally over. My new found friends and me agreed to let the other people exit the hall first. We were not in a hurry or something naman.

When I was walking down the steps on our way out of the building, I saw two guys in front of where I was standing. They were puffing their cigs and were looking on our way. They seemed to be observing the people making their way out of the building. I decided that they were brothers ‘cause they look so much alike. I was very sure that one of them was the guy that I was thinking about stalking earlier. He was the shorter one.

I made a split-second empty eye contact with him and then continued on my way. I was supposed to get my books but when I saw the long queue, I decided I’d just go home.

So. I didn’t think that guy, the one who probably went to the restroom, the shorter one, whom I think kinda looked good, would be introduced to me and later on be my boyfriend almost four months after that 29th day of May, 2010.

Landeh… :P

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