Sunday, 24 July 2011

0724 Blah

Hi. So. Uhm. I kinda feel like I should update the blog na. But I dunno where to start. I guess I’ll just go on blabbing about anything until I produce a decent enough note to post… Hay. I am losing a lot of brain cells each day.


During the previous week, I’ve been looking for and applying in a lot of jobs that I find online. And so far… Well… I haven’t received any feedback from them yet. I want to have a regular or part-time job already. I need to earn na. I figured I am not sure yet when I’d graduate, so I think it’s better if I were earning some money already. So. Ayun.

If you know any part-time job somewhere in my area, please contact me :(


In other news… I’ve been spending a lot of time with the boyfriend, yes… Pero it kinda feels like kulang pa rin. We do a lot of talking, cooking, eating, walking, cuddling, and other intimate things together… ;) But they’re still not enough. I just wanna be with him 24/7. Yeah, I just can’t get enough. Do we really have all the time in the world? If so, why do we feel like there are so many things to do but time’s just not really enough? I really don’t know how to prioritize.

My siblings and I were watching The Good Guy on HBO the other day and the leading man said something like, Love is the only important thing in the world and that everything else is just a distraction. Some people would tell us that Love is THE distraction. Having crushes and going gaga over somebody to the point of forgetting to study are what seems to be distractions that divert our attention from the important things. But really, we have different priorities and only we, our inner selves, could tell us which is a distraction or not.

I can’t agree with the movie yet; that everything else is just a distraction, but Love… But I do believe that to be able to survive the pressures that come with life, we should always be accompanied by Love. How would be able to survive without it? Love surely makes the ride worthwhile.


So. I have two pregnant cousins as of the moment. And they are in different situations. Cousin 1 seems okay with everything, but cousin 2 is sort of having a hard time dealing with it. A number of family issues are involved and not everyone has already come to terms with the fact that cousin 2’s pregnant. Sad… I am more compassionate with cousin 2 ever since. Heehee. They are both my junior. I have mixed feelings about this pregnancy thing. Really. I don’t even know how to talk about this coherently. So…

I bet my parents are thankful that I haven’t jumped into the bandwagon yet. And I don’t want to, okay?!
I sincerely wish and told her already that everything will be okay… That’s what we’re all praying for.


Uhm. That’s it for now, earthlings… :* :*

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! AMAZING! nakita mo yung Ken na word --- first pa!