Sunday, 17 July 2011

2011 Book List

Because I can't last a week without having to read any novel or short story, at least, here are the books that I would want to read for the year 2011. So, please help me, God. It's either I buy them all or look for a friend who has any of these and then borrow. Pssshh. The bookworm self of mine is one of the reasons why I need to have a job already. Sucks. We really need to work for the things that make us happy.

1. A Song of Ice and Fire

---- I am currently addicted to the HBO series Game of Thrones that is based on these novels. I just can't sit here and wait for the release of Season 2 on 2012, so I feel the need to read the books already. I love the characters so much; I had a quick connection with them after watching the first season. And I am more than willing to explore more of their personalities by grabbing a copy of these books. George RR Martin seems like a bad-ass.

2. Millennium Series

---- I’ve read the issue about Stieg Larsson’s death in a newspaper and started to be so interested about his life and his trilogy. I heard that it had good reviews so I tried reading the first novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last year. I kinda complained that it was so long but I did enjoy reading that book later on. It was overflowing with complicated concepts that I didn’t really understand at first, but I finally got a grip on them. Whew. I even thought that the book isn’t for me. But the next thing I know, I couldn’t get enough of it. I even downloaded from the net the movie adaptation starring Noomi Rapace. I would have read the 2nd book immediately but can’t get a copy of it yet due to lack of money. Heehee.


I have a long list pa.. :( But. Well, that's it for now, right. I can't wish for more books to read right now unless I start grabbing a copy of the titles above first. Books by Chuck Palahniuk and Haruki Murakami will always be in my mind, though. They are my favorite authors, along with Paulo Coelho and Neil Gaiman. I should read ALL of their books before I die. I swear.

BOOKS I'VE READ: Snuff. Rant. Surivor. Lullaby. Pygmy.

BOOKS I'VE READ: Kafka On The Shore. Norwegian Wood. After Dark. Blind Wilow Sleeping Woman.

BOOKS I'VE READ: ALL including Like The Flowing River which is not on the image above.

BOOKS I'VE READ: ALL except M Is For Magic, Neverwhere, and Stardust.


So. Friends, lovers, readers, I assume you already know what to give me as presents, yes? :D
I do not claim the photos above :* :*

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Luane said...

Buti ka pa natapos mo na yung Rant, noh? :P Lend me some Gaiman copies pleaaase c:

Anywho, I'm happy that you get to read A LOT of books. Now that I am unemployed, I would have to step up on my book-reading rin. Suggest some books ha! :D