Monday, 11 July 2011

He Was A Quiet Man (Favorite Scene)

Bob: I'm not the one who has a problem. I don't need any help. *panting* Do I?
Vanessa: Bob, everybody needs help sometimes. There's nothing wrong with that. Look at me. Without you, I'd either be hopeless or dead.


Vanessa: So you have a problem, so what? I'm gonna help you through this. You just need the courage to do the right thing.
Bob: What is the right thing?
Vanessa: To do what's in your heart. And you need the courage to face that.
Bob: It's easier to find when I'm with you.
Vanessa: And if you feel it's slipping away, just look into my eyes and it'll be right there.


This scene happened during a fight between Bob and Vanessa. He asked her if she loves him and she couldn't answer saying that love is so foreign to her. He was devastated and was already leaving when she shouted these words.

And then I remembered Ken. And our fights. How walking out seemed easier than staying and trying to fix the problem right then and there. Ugh. Upon watching this scene and hearing these words, I reminded myself to try to settle misunderstandings on the spot, when we’re still together. Easier said than done, right. That’s why I’ll try. ‘Cause it’s harder to leave important things unsaid.


Here is the trailer of the movie He Was A Quiet Man, btw: ★★★

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