Sunday, 3 July 2011

Toblerone Notes

On March 23 2011, I joined this Love Notes contest on Facebook sponsored by Toblerone. Participants were to write phrases or short sentences with a maximum of 330 characters that would start with the letters of TOBLERONE, respectively.

Though I didn’t win, I like the note that I did. And this was the first time I ever joined an online contest. Wee! So without further ado, this was my one and only entry:

T - ake me to a place we can call our own
O - ut of this world to make our dreams come to life
B - ound by our love, nothing can set us apart
L - isten as my heart beats out your name
E - ach memory we make will let us live through another lifetime
R - emind yourself of my undying love
O - nly you can save me
N - ever doubt all I say
E - verything I do, I do only for you

I love Toblerone! Chocolates… I was hoping they’d give me one-year supply of their goodies if ever I won. Yeah, that was all I was after.

But of course, the boyfriend is and always will be the inspiration to every creative thing I do. Kisses :* :*

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