Tuesday, 16 August 2011

AAFC Installation

On Sunday, August 14, the installation of officers of the Ambrosio A. Flores chapter of the Order of DeMolay was held here at QC. I didn’t know there was an upcoming installation, my sister just told me. Anna, the first Rainbow sis that I’ve ever been close to, texted me as well. I wasn’t planning to attend but since it’s been awhile since I saw them, I just agreed.

I wasn’t prepared so I had nothing to wear. I just decided to wear slacks so as not to get too much attention (and because I’m sure Ken won’t really like it if I showed off). Heehee. I was in all black, by the way.

Since I am too lazy to share everything here, let me just say that the installation turned out nice. It made me miss my orgmates in Baguio, though. Truth be told, I wished it was the Baguio chapter’s installation that I was attending. It’s been more than a year already since I saw them eh. Plus, I know most of the sisses there. And because I am soooo much closer to their chapter than any other DeMolay chapter, I could act more like myself with them. I just miss that… And staying up so late and drinking ‘til I’m drunk during the fellowship. I just miss those things, but don’t mean I want them now. *Ehem*

Anyway, I still had fun. Something happened between my sister Mitzi and the new MC pa. It’s kinda funny but jerk-ish at the same time. Lol. Everything turned out okay in the end, anyway. And Mitzi got her bouquet of flowers earlier. Yay! Now, ain’t that sweet? Sa MC, so much for being apologetic, huh? Hehe. Puppy love… Hahaha. Chos.

If you're one of my contacts in FaceBook, you'd be able to view the photos HERE. Yiehee.

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