Wednesday, 17 August 2011

EIGA SAI 2011 at UPFI: 1 Million Yen Girl

My sister and I watched this movie just a few hours ago and the ending was super bitin, I wanted to kill myself. Lol. OA. But seriously! Why does the ending had to be super open-ended?! That’s its essence, I guess…? Chos.

One Million Yen Girl is about a girl who was just released from jail and was having a hard time getting her “normal” life back. She served time in prison due to a crime she committed because she felt so bad when her roommate dumped a kitten that she found. She was very mad so she threw out all of his things; hence, she was charged with some criminal action cheneloo. Oh, well… One could never imagine the things we cat ladies do for our felines… Hehe. She realized that she couldn’t live in her parents’ house anymore, so she looked for part-time jobs in different places within the country. Whenever she’d have 1Million Yen in her savings, she’d start to move into a different place. She dislikes getting to know people and sort of hides the fact that she’s an ex-con.

When she was on her third job, she fell in love with her co-worker whom she thought was just being with her because she has money. In the end, it turned out that the guy was just borrowing money from her because he doesn’t want her to get that 1Million threshold and leave town.

Okay, I’m so sorry I’m spoiling the movie. But! Uhm. I’d like to think that the guy in the movie failed to do his best to show the girl how much he loves her, that’s why she ended up leaving him anyway. She felt that she was just being taken for granted. Yeah, I thought that, too. Oh, God. Affected much?

The guy decided to tell her the truth so he rushed to the station but they didn’t meet. The movie ended there. And I was super nabitin, it’s frustrating. I’d like to think that they did meet, though. TeeHee.


You could catch the Japanese Film Festival at the UP Film Institute in UP Diliman. Just visit THIS PAGE for more info. I’d be there again tomorrow and on Saturday, btw. See yah! ;)

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