Wednesday, 31 August 2011


How dare people worry about something they’ve caused?
Not only friends nor boys come on go…
Everyone in our life comes and goes as they please.
They think they could just turn up in our life and walk away.
Turn up and walk away… Walk away.

Blind faith.
Why do I never learn?
In the end, the fact that
“You only have yourself”
Will be smacked right into your face and
There’s nothing left to do but turn your eyes into waterfalls.
No matter how hard you control the flow,
The current’s just too strong to be handled.

I always end up being hurt because I easily let people in.
They get too close to hurt me. I turn out stupid.
I never learn. I just realize all my mistakes when it’s too late already.
I never learn.

Is this the price I gotta pay for all the wrong things I did?
… To be taken for granted by the people I care for?

You know what sucks?
It’s the fact that I know I’ve been through this already.
I just can’t do anything to avoid it.

(I’m so emotional, I hate myself sometimes… //wrist)

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