Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I Want You So Bad

I want you to moan...
I want you to gasp in my ear, pretending like you're trying to hide the sound, like you're trying to smother it, but I still hear it.
I want your fingernails to dig into my skin and your lips to move faster and harder and deeper against mine.
I want your eyes to roll back in your head and your body to push into mine, until we're sticking to each other's skin.
I want to feel the heat radiating from your skin,
I want to feel your muscles shake against my flesh.
I want you to beg and
I want you to throw your head back, shuddering for breath.
I want your neck to be exposed for me to bite and your chest to be bare so it can be skin on skin, flesh on flesh.
I want my legs wrapped around you,
I want us to grind on each other so hard it makes your muscles clench and your jaw drop and your face to tense in ecstasy.

** Got this from Tumblr.


Harold Yoingco said...

You know something... Lahat nang nandiyan nabigay mo na! ;) Hehe! :* I love you. >:D<

Anonymous said...

Grabe ka rin kasi ;) Ay!