Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Seven Deadly “Sins”

Lust: Something that I find attractive.
- Something? Change that to someone. Someone I find very attractive, of course, is Harold Kevin Legaspi Yoingco. He never fails to satiate the lustful energy I have in my body. Yeah, there’s that. Heehee. I love him so much.

Pride: Something that I like about myself.
- Something? Well. I like my body; its curves, the fact that it’s somewhat asymmetrical, the excess fat that hangs anywhere. Lol. And I love my face; my somehow crooked teeth, my gorgeous smile, my bedroom eyes… Plus, I like the fact that I seem to attract wonderful people by just being me. I kinda hang on the fine line between being a saint and Satan’s apprentice. Yes, I suck at making decisions and choosing what roads to follow but despite everything I’ve been through, I never lose my ground. I know who I am and who I’m not. I never take anyone for granted. I try to be as nice as possible, but never pretentious. I love myself.

Sloth: Something that I dislike about myself.
- I just rather wish I could handle my emotions better. I always let what I feel take over my thinking. When I’m angry, I fail to count to ten. I could only count to five and then I’d burst already. Most of the time, I’d say things I never should have said.

Envy: Something I wish I was better at.
- I wish I could dance very very well. I swear I dunno how. During high school, I envy the girls who could memorize dance steps easily. Uhm... Wait. I can dance naman. Lol. I just have a short-term memory loss. Heehee. I could never seem to follow the right moves at the right time. I suck at dancing. I’m a frustrated ballet dancer pa. I wish my parents enrolled me in a ballet class when I was a kid. Tsk.

Gluttony: One of my favorite foods.
- Chocolates, forever! No explanation needed.

Wrath: Something that gets me angry.
- People with shallow minds who think they’re special and more important than anyone else in the world. Well, I think I am special. But I never think that I am above anyone. We could all feel special in our own ways without making other people feel inferior, right.

Greed: Things I can’t get enough of.
- Ken (equals Love), of course, and everything he does to me. Coffee. Sweets. Sleep. Food. And books! Rawr.

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