Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Batman And Ken

You read that right... It's Batman and Ken. Batman and Robin's so yesterday. At least in my life. Hee. Kidding.

Hey! That's my favorite superhero over there! :* And he goes by the name Ken, mind you. I favor Batman, too. But I'm just too goddamn purrfect for him, I settled with someone equally perfect... Ken. And I can proudly say, with my head held up high, that I've never been this happy in my entire, as in entire, life. It feels soooo good to have found someone I'm sure to spend the rest of my life with.

He's my greatest superhero of all time. He triggered in me a more positive life. He saved me from myself...

I would've wanted to share him with you guys.
(But not that much, though.. No, so not really.)'Cause I believe that every person deserves a loving man like Ken. It's just that I'm a hundred and ten percent sure that he would never ever take a second look at you or anyone else for that matter. Why, you may ask. Well, the sole reason is that... He is so absofuckinglutely in love with me and only I could provide him with everything he would ever need in this lifetime (and other lifetimes to come). So. No chance for you,

After all, I'm the most interesting
but sometimes lethargic, not to mention beautifulheroine in the whole wide world and universes that anyone would ever encounter. Period.

I love you, Ken. I so can't wait for 2NE2! :P :*


Anonymous said...

You made me feel like I'm Bruce Wayne! >:D< :*

Anonymous said...

Wait... But. Aren't you Bruce Wayne?! :*