Saturday, 15 October 2011

That Awful Moment When I Thought My Cat’s Dead

I swear I was ready to cry. I was so scared; I didn’t even dare to move forward. I was ready to cry because of the possibility that he was dead. I love that cat.

Bea and I exchanged a few nervous looks. A few moments later, the beloved cat finally moved. I even think that it suppressed a yawn when he saw our nervous faces. It finally said “meow,” then relief finally replaced the agony I felt. I let out a heavy sigh. He jumped off the CPU and we moved towards each other.

I held him with my both hands and told him that he scared me. Fuck that. I kept on scratching the back of his head while he was just purring incessantly.

I am so glad he was very much alive and nothing bad happened. He really scared me to death.

Aahh, that cat.

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