Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Week That Passed…


I almost never go out on Sundays. Even if I wanted to. It’s either there’s no one I could hang out with or I have nowhere to go. And well, yeah, I’m broke. So I have no choice but to stay at home. It’s one of those days I wish I had a job already. I need something I could spend, okay. But I guess I really lack any will or motivation to look for a job and therefore earn money. I would have one now if I were just THAT determined to earn. Or whatever. Fcuk this. So, yeah. I hate Sundays. It always reminds me how boring my life is.


Was really hoping I’d be able to see Ken on this Monday. But I didn’t. And I was supposed to apply for a job at IBM with Xang but she had to do some school work so we decided to cancel it.

At around noon, I texted Gely if I could get back some friend’s book that I lent her. She agreed then also asked if we could have lunch at McDo or KFC. We texted another highschool friend, Rosanne, and then went to her place at around two in the afternoon. Rosanne had to help another friend first, Camilla, so Gely and I just headed to CHE to watch and support her classmates and friends defend their thesis. I thought theses aren’t for me and that they should have never been part of being a student. Gely and I just chatted and share stories during that thesis defence. She gave me five grad photos and these are my favourites:

At madumi pa scanner :| Hey, Gely! Sorry for posting. I just had to. You are so very beautiful, that’s why! :D
Well, back to my story… After a few hours, Rosanne texted that they were finish already and we can go eat na. We met at Vinzon’s, then rode a jeepney to UP-Ayala Technohub, and had our super late lunch at KFC. If you could still call it lunch, that is. Hehe. It was a very fun day! :D We planned to eat at Cravings on 17, tomorrow, but I don’t think that would push through.

I guess it’s true what they say, that your highschool friends are your lifetime friends.


During the week before this, I’ve been spending some energy making something for Ken. I call it Love Pills. Lame? Well, whatever, I’m in love! ♥ I wrote some inspirational, cheesy statements on small strips of paper, folded it and then put it inside a small jar that I decorated. I told him he was supposed to get one each day. The total number of paper strips is 75, so the last strip would be on Christmas Day. Idk. I was inspired. Hehe. I gave it to him on this day. We spent the whole day at his place eating Tuna Pasta. It was love-filled and I was very ecstatic! ;)


Hey! This day inspired THIS ENTRY. Lol. I asked Ken to wait for me at SC ‘cause I’m not yet done pampering my pretty self. Hehe. But my mom saw him so he decided to just go to my place and wait for me there. He played with my little brother, Kaiser, while I was upstairs, changing my wardrobe repeatedly. I can’t instantly decide what to wear. So I just wore my gray shirt, skinny jeans and chucks. Then Ken and I went to SM North, had lunch there, window-shopped, walked a lot, ate a lot, cuddled a lot, kissed a lot, and pissed each other off a lot. But we still love each other a lot, to begin with. Hehe.

We did a lot of talking, yeah. And those were intellectual conversations, mind you. We had the strawberry sundae at Jollibbee in Trinoma, which was SORT OF a source of one of our past arguments/tampuhan or something. Although we parted ways in a not so cool manner, it was a very fun day, after all.


I stayed at home the whole day. I woke up at around noon, drank a cup of coffee, watched a few episodes of The OC and realized that I haven’t eaten anything yet. But since there was nothing to eat (at least nothing that I like), I just waited until dinner and finally was able to eat with gusto.


The boyfriend and I weren’t totally in good shape the other day but I still managed to go to his place because I so wanted to. And I miss him so much, already!

Though the day with him didn’t actually start modestly, we were able to smooth things over. We were all over each other until his highschool friends crashed his crib. I guess we needed to be somehow decent or something so I can’t just kiss him randomly. But anyway. It was okay and I didn’t lose my cool towards Ken, mostly. Hehe. I can’t say that I really enjoyed hanging out with them. I mean, I’m not really friends with everybody… But I can’t also say that I didn’t like being with them. I just feel like it wasn’t really my reality or something. I’m still very cool about it, though. And I managed to tease Ken a lot. You should’ve seen him. Hehe ;)

But. Sometimes it’s just so hard to make believe and detach yourself from what you actually feel. Uhm… To be able to save face? Idk. Uhm. Yeah, but whatever. I wasn’t born to please someone I’m not really fond of, anyway. Will probably explore more about the issue at hand someday. Or never. Hehe. Moving on…

Xang texted me the other night that the soulful band Up Dharma Down has a gig at the UP College of Science amphitheatre for the Friday Night Lights to promote their new album. I didn’t think I’d still be able to meet Xang after hanging out at Ken’s but just when I was at my house already, she texted me that I should drag my fat ass over there na while the band hasn’t played yet. I just lay down on my bed for a while, changed my shirt and then headed to the amphitheatre.

I wasn’t able to find Xang and the others immediately, so I just stood there by myself during the fantastic fireworks display. Oh, how I wished that Ken were there with me. It was somehow romantic, I even imagined us making out under the night sky, which came to life with all the flaring fireworks.

I didn’t know where the theatre was at first. I pretty much guessed where it’s located. I walked, jogged, and ran from my house on the way to NIGS. I was still a few blocks away from the venue but I could already hear the crowd. And they were screaming so loud. It was my kind of crowd, actually. Haha. Dang. I approached the crowd excitedly and saw a few familiar faces.

I wasn’t able to find Xang and the others immediately, so I just stood there by myself during the fantastic fireworks display. Oh, how I wished that Ken were there with me. It was somehow romantic, I even imagined us making out under the night sky, which came to life with all the flaring fireworks.

I found Xang and friends near the Hen Lin booth. When the band started playing, the crowd went wild and almost all the audience were singing their hearts out with Armi. It was such a wonderful night! I felt very light and happy. I miss nights like that one. It was very nostalgic; I actually didn’t feel like I was in UP Diliman. I felt so free and problem-less. I felt like it was a different kind of night; one that I am never used to anymore. I feel wonderful, really. And I wished with all my heart that Ken were standing there beside me, holding me in his arms.

Armi Millare, Up Dharma Down's vocalist, sings orgasmically:

Photo was taken by Xang :D And yes, we were THAT close to Armi!


The cat was sleeping by my feet when I decided to make fun of him. I was caressing him with my right foot at first and decided to pinch him using that foot as well. Being a cat that he is, his version of paglalambing includes biting and scratching, so he bit me. But it was just like a small puncture, I wasn’t even sure if it bled. I’m still worried I’d be Catwoman one day, though. But hey, ain’t that grand?!

It’s a Saturday and we supposedly have classes on Saturdays. Well, except that we’re on the semestral break already. But since I had to get out of the house and I needed to be with my counterpart, we just hanged out at the mall. And yes, we were at SM North Edsa, to be specific. It was fun! :D Every day with Ken is fun naman, even if we always have petty fights that sprout from God knows where. Miraculously, though, we didn’t fight during this day. When we got back at my place at around 4pm, we just sat and talked for a while and decided to eat again.

And then when it was time for him to leave, I was again left with my boring, lonely self.


A few DeMolay brods from Baguio asked me to go with them at the installation of officers of the Mabini lodge at Las Piňas. I did plan on going but later on decided against it. I had no regrets about that, though. I might be a little (if not super) bored at home but what the hell. At least I wouldn’t have given someone something to rant about for the upcoming week. So, I’m fine with that.

However, I’m still kinda worried about being Catwoman when I wake up tomorrow. Lol.

I hate Sundays.

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