Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Job Haunting Experience

Yeah, it was sort of haunting.

On Thursday, November 17, Xang and I decided to go to UP-Ayala Techno Hub to look for work. My mom’s patient who works in HSBC told us to apply.

Xang arrived at my place at around 9.30am. I hadn’t taken a bath yet when she came so she had to wait for me for at least an hour before we could leave for TH. We went to SC first to buy some things and prepare ourselves for the so-called job interview(s) that we’d be dealing with. At this point, Ken had been texting me that he’s arrived at Techno Hub already and was waiting for us at Ministop.

Now to my dismay, I left my ID at home. Dang. It didn’t occur to me that I would be needing it. Hehe. It’s a good thing Ken was with us to save the day. He went to my place and then asked my mom for the ID. While we were waiting for Ken, Xang and I decided to hang out at Ministop. A few seconds passed and then some girl from Teletech approached us and asked if we were applying for jobs and if we could go with her for a while.

Since we went there not to waste time, we said okay to the girl and went with her inside Teletech. To make the story short, applying in Teletech didn’t push through. I enjoyed munching on their free Pizza, though. Yum!

At around lunchtime, Xang, Ken and I went to HSBC. I texted my mom’s patient but she wasn’t replying so we just got on with the application without any guidance or help from her.

I passed the initial interview via phone but failed their super hirap na exam. Gaddemit. While I was answering it, I feel like what I was reading was a language that is beyond this world. I wasn’t really prepared for it. I was completely lost in the first part of the exam. The next two parts were easy though, even if my seatmate kept on asking me questions and distracting me. Ugh. Since I wasn’t very sure about the first part, they call it Buplas btw, I knew then that I might not be hired. It was kinda heartbreaking, but not really. At least next time, I already know what to review on. Heehee.

When the guy there confirmed that I failed the first of three parts of the exam, I was kinda disappointed with myself. Well, yeah, it was technically the first job interview for me. But still… I despise being rejected, really. It’s too much for my proud self. Heehee. Good thing, though, Ken was there to hold me. After the guy at the reception desk dismissed us, I asked for Ken immediately and then hugged him. The day was very tiring; I wouldn’t have survived it without his loving and supporting self. Upon leaving HSBC, we ate our hearts out in KFC. Hehe. It seemed like a celebration or a blowout even if I wasn’t hired. Lol. Or we were just that hungry! :*

I was really kinda disappointed by not getting the job, but it was quite an experience. And Ken made it super worthwhile, yay! I know he’d be there for me no matter what. He already proved that.

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