Monday, 23 January 2012

Idealist Much?

I drive you crazy and you do the same.

I should stop blaming other people for my mishaps. Not that I’m blaming them right now… It’s just that whenever something unfortunate happens, sometimes others are automatically dragged into the problem.

If I didn’t want to do something with all my heart, but did it anyway then it didn’t turn out good, I guess I’ve no one to blame but myself. If it didn’t turn out good kasi maraming epal or maraming obstacles at pakalat-kalat mga kontrabida, then I still couldn’t blame them! They’re just doing their part on making my life miserable. I think in the end, it’s still my fault that I wasn’t able to do my best to overcome these things and do the task assigned. I only have myself to blame. No one else. Haaay.


I’ve been here before. One day I’ll wake up and it won’t hurt anymore.

I’m caught up in this web of mediocrity. Whatever twist or turn I make, I’m still stuck. Seems like there’s no way out. Maybe I haven’t made that life-changing pivot yet… something that would really save me and help me get out of this trap.

These strings leave me paralyze. I usually end up looking at the horizon and thinking about what I’m capable of doing once outside of my boundaries. I’m done staying on the safe side and experiencing life half-baked.

Tangenuh, wait for it.

So this is goodbye.

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