Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wrong Impression

When I was in elementary, I was once yelled at by my teacher in front of the whole class because she thought I was making faces. And this was my favourite teacher, by the way. She was reprimanding us about something when she noticed me rolling my eyes, smirking, etc. But as far as I know, I wasn’t. I was just being my usual self. I don’t know what I was thinking then but I don’t think I was actually listening to what she was saying. I was probably making weird/insulting faces because of whatever was in my mind that time. It usually wanders on its own. So anyway, another instructor told my mom that when she was lecturing, I kept on rolling my eyes and it irritated her. She didn’t scold me in front of the class but I was still surprised when I learned about it. I wasn’t really doing anything wrong. If I was really rolling my eyes, well, I wasn’t conscious about it.

I don’t know what’s about me that give people the wrong impression. I hate to break it to you guys but I’m not maldita, suplada, masungit, or anything of that sort. I’m actually a very nice person deep inside. Hehe. I’m sure you’d love me if you got to know me. And I’m not saying these things out of conceit or being too much self-absorbed.

I just hate it when I learn from other people that so and so didn’t like me because I was too unapproachable. Girl, did you even try to approach me in the first place? Yeah, there’s that. I’m just “too quiet, it’s scary sometimes,” but I’m actually really nice. Believe me. I could come up with a lot of pleasant things to say for you to like me. Just keep in mind though that everything that would come out of my mouth is in its most sincere form. No bullshit.


The past has its rude way of getting back into our lives repeatedly. They would remain with us forever even though we don’t want them in our lives anymore. Why? Katamad. Will elaborate next time.

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