Monday, 20 February 2012

Sigh Young

Sigh. A sigh of relief. Of surrender. Of regret. Of being desperate. Of melancholia. Of getting used to things. And of a lot of other things that I’m kind of tired to write about. Of exhaustion… Sigh.
My earliest memory of “sighing” was when I was in high school, having a crush on someone I couldn’t have. And never did. Lol. My family and I were having dinner back then but my mind was somewhere else… With someone else... Was imagining things that could never happen, would never happen, and never happened.
I sighed out of desperation ‘cause I was kinda obsessed and felt like I like him enough to want to be with him, but then realized that would never happen.
My sighs nowadays are all about surrender and acceptance, but might also be sprinkled with a little amount of desperation. There are some life issues that I could never do anything about just yet. I just have to take my life as it is now with acceptance. I haven’t done anything huge yet that would serve as a turning point and change my path. I’m still facing the same dramas and I still kinda feel powerless to rebel against them.
I just breathe them all in and let out an intense SIGH that won’t really make a difference but will sort of ease the heaviness I feel inside.

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