Tuesday, 10 April 2012

City Hunter!

City Hunter, a koreanovela popularized by ABS-CBN is now on its final week. After watching Monday’s episode, I decided that I cannot wait any longer and that I should finish watching the series tonight. And so I did. I googled it and found THIS WEBSITE. I spent about two to three hours watching the remaining episodes and simultaneously tweeting every goddamn emotion it made me feel; emotions that ranged from being overwhelmingly giddy and agonizingly sad. Siiiigh.

Oops… Spoiler alert!

I still can’t get over the fact that prosecutor Kim (Lee Jun Hyuk) died in Lee Yoon-Sung’s (Lee Min Ho, known as Johnny Lee in ABS-CBN’s version) arms. Why did he even have to die! *cries* Haaaay. Believe it or not, this was me while I was watching the scene and some of the remaining scenes after that:

Or even worse…

I’ll just use the name of the characters that Ch2 used since I find it hard to memorize Korean names. So anyway, the part where Johnny and Lee Jin Pyo (his “father”) were bloodily lying on the floor trying to reach for each other’s hands was so painfully sad that I wanted to shout and shake my computer’s monitor. I was so fucking depressed; I can’t help asking why the characters and the whole story have to reach that miserable point.

I’ve never felt this way about a Korean series until City Hunter. For me the whole show is so perfect it deserves a lot of recognition. Hey, it went in this blog!

Park Min Young as Kim Nana
I’m not a big fan of Park Min Young but she also did a good job as Kim Nana. She isn’t the typical leading lady who just expects a guy to save her from her lonely life. She learned how to stand in her own feet and acts against life’s hardships by herself. I think she appeared tough when she needed to, but could still be cute and flirty and charming. I admire that in a leading lady. She made the series extra appealing for me.

Lee Min Ho
Although the ending was quite less than what I expected and isn’t how I exactly wanted it to end, I certainly would watch City Hunter again. It still has four days to air on ABS-CBN and I swear I wouldn’t miss it. Although I know the next episodes would be painful, it’s still City Hunter and Lee Min Ho would still be there. Tee-hee. Isn’t he fucking gorgeous? I actually watched the show because of him.

PS. Ken, don't be jealous, we're just friends! :( :*

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