Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Somewhere Down The Road

There’s this cat that lives along my street and I just couldn’t determine if it’s a good-looking cat or an ugly cat with an irritating face. I wasn’t able to check yet if it’s a he or a she. I’m assuming, though, that it’s a “he” since it is unusually handsome slash attractive in a disturbing way. But if I were a cat, I would probably check him out. Anyway, I would keep in my mind to take a photo of that feline the next time I saw it again so you guys could help me decide. “It” since its gender isn’t identified specifically for me yet.

However, the first time I saw it, I wasn’t able to contain my laughter. I thought it was ugly. It has a unique face, I’m telling you. One of a kind. That was the first time I ever saw a cat that looks like that. That was then, though. I kinda liked how it looked when Ken and I saw it earlier. He thought it was ugly as well, or at least that it has an odd face. What’s weird is that it stared at us and even made a few steps towards us while we were staring at it. It seemed to know that we were gossiping about him. Haha. Picture, next time, yes.


I'm currently on the first few pages of The Concise 48 Laws of Power and I kinda feel like the book’s teaching me to be selfish, greedy, and manipulative (not that I’m not yet those three). Lol. I’m enjoying the short stories/trivia written in red, though. It tells me a little about history or whatever.

I’m not sure how it could help me since I feel like I already know, deep in my heart, what it has to say. Heehee. (That’s my know-it-all self talking.) Anyway, my brother, Warren, just found this book somewhere along the streets in our area and even tried selling it to me for Php20. Poor thing. Chos. Of course I refused. I told him I’d just borrow the book since he should just keep it.

I think there’s a reason why it landed in our house. But I should probably search for the owner and return the book because by the writings on the front page; it was obvious that it was just a gift. And. Well… I think it’s bad luck to lose something that was just given to you.

So. I’d look for the owner of the book and (hopefully) return it as soon as I finish reading it. :P Hehe.

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