Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Am I growing up or just going down?

Probably going down… in circles.

“You say you need someone.
Well, everybody does. I’m no different than you; I just believe what I do.
You point your finger at everyone but yourself
and blame the ones that you love...”

My life’s a big fucked up cycle filled with stupid fucked up habits I can’t seem to break. I can only be who I am, I know, but I don’t like who I am anymore. No matter what I do, I’m still in this fucked up place I’ve been trying so hard to get away from.

I need to pull my shit together (again) and focus on the more important things in life other than myself. I can’t mold the world and pattern it to my own reality and desire. I know some people who have done that and ended up either on the grave or in a mental institution.

“What do I stand for? Most nights I don’t know anymore.”

I need to walk these talks and depend on myself and really, really pull my shit together seriously. I’m pretty sure there’ll be no bright future for me if I didn’t act on it now.

Psshh. Easier said than done. As always.


Ken your love! said...

Psssh, you are the only girl that I know na totoo sa sarili niya.. I love you for who you are, and for what you can be. *HUUUUG*

Anonymous said...

*sad pout* :( I'm glad I have you. Ikaw lang totoo sa buhay ko :*